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Unyielding Passion. Glitz and glamour. Sublime performances. Experience and craft. An eye for detail. Nuances and subtlety. All of these combined with the fine art of storytelling. That is what a film is all about. Or should be.

This is what we believe. And that is what we have set out to create. Each time.

So when you see a story flowing effortlessly, when you see movies that entertain and amuse and give you food for thought, make you laugh and make you cry, make you wonder on the beauty of everyday life, you will know it’s an Ishka Films creation. For us, it's not just about the actors or the scripts or the camera angles. The true essence of a film is finding beauty in every object, every situation and amplifying it to reach thousands of people, connecting with their hearts and minds.

Founded by Priti Gupta, Ishka Films is at the forefront of meaningful cinema, producing films that reflect real emotions, films that you will take back with you when you go home at the end of the show, films that you can watch again and again. And again.